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08 Ağustos 2014  

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Rockstar’s billion dollar project Grand Theft Auto V definitely has one of the most interesting characters in video game history, Trevor Philips. The Canadian television and stage actor Steven Ogg did not just do voicing, but also spent almost 3 years in a motion capture studio to perform and give life to the character of Trevor. Despite his character in the game being a totally crazy and violent guy, we’d say Ogg is surprisingly such a kind and nice guy! Big thanks to him for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to do this exclusive interview, and to Mickael Blanchett for setting this up and for being so kind to us. :)

Hi Ipek and GTATURK.COM!

Grand Theft Auto is the biggest video game franchise in the industry. With Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve made big progress in your career. Especially Trevor Philips, the psycho meth dealer of Blaine County, is the most ruthless, most crazy, and of course, most funny protagonist we’ve ever seen in GTA history and he’s become the favoured character of GTAV for everyone so easily – us too! But under this crazy and notorious personality, Trevor is loyal to his friends forever and actually he’s a really good guy in some ways. Trevor is a man who became so angry after his hopes are gone for his unfortunate life. Sometimes we hated him, sometimes we loved him. Have you found some similarities between you and Trevor?

I’d say we share passion – great passion. We are both committed and give 150% – balls deep in everything we do. The sense of humor – all be it a little dark at times. The love of life. As for the violence? Nope. We are also both VERY loyal – you get back exactly what you give in.

It was not only your voice, you’ve played Trevor in motion capture sessions as well. All we have saw for Trevor in GTAV was all your own work?

It was a full motion capture performance. Take any performance by an actor in film or television and animate it – that’s exactly what Trevor was. There was never any sitting around just throwing a “voice” on a character -everything seen in Trevor was performed in a motion capture studio and then the amazing animators and crew turned it into a fully realized animated character- the face, the body it was all captured during the performance of that character.

We see that, especially on Tumblr, you have so many fans. There is even a fan club called the “Ogglers”. What do you think about the fans’ reaction so far?

The fans are incredible. It has been amazing to see the global impact and to receive such lovely words of encouragement, support, and love from so many people from all across the world. It certainly surprised me to see the variety of people – certainly not your stereotypical gamers. It means the world to me to have people recognize me as Steven Ogg and comment how the performance of Trevor really touched them. It’s very wonderful and I really thank everyone for begin so generous with their kindness, loyalty and support – it really touches me and I hope to continue to have an impact on people and do my fans proud through my work.

What was the most interesting, most exciting and most memorable part? Every GTA addict is curious to know about the behind the scenes.

The best part is the people I met and worked with. Obviously the brotherhood formed with Solo and Ned in addition to the entire family at Rockstar. It’s rarely the roles an actor remembers, but rather the relationships formed on set. Shooting for over 3 years it definitely became a family. There are some funny moments on set – usually the “blooper” type situations when you find yourself laughing uncontrollably or just giggling like a little girl at something ridiculous. Always felt good to laugh and we certainly had plenty on the set. A very fun, encouraging and free atmosphere that created the safety to perform at your best and always want to give your best every day.

Most of the game dialogue really sounds natural, like it wasn’t scripted. Was there any point where you just improvised an unscripted thing in a scene?

There were always little moments when something might be added – I believed I did some “dry humping” of people in scenes that was not always in the script, but certainly felt very Trevor-like and appropriate at the time. Much of Trevor’s imitations of peoples’ accents and gestures – those were generally ad-libbed and then kept in. Behavior that was then repeated and became part of Trevor’s character.

We’ve learned your son’s name is Bodhi. It’s so interesting because Bodhi is also Trevor’s truck name in GTAV! Was it your idea or was it just a surprise by Rockstar for the Ogg family?

It was a wonderful surprise for my son. He certainly deserves a planet named after him for being such a wonderful, beautiful son – I’m so lucky to be his father and it is a lovely gift.

You also played the main character “Jake Conway” in the videogame “Ride to Hell: Retribution”. What was your experience like? Did you do just the voice or the whole motion capture work like you did for GTA V?

I thought – I’d kill the crazy bastard too!! ha ha. He is an interesting, dynamic and crazy character so everyone is fair game. It’s kind of fun when you lose a character that you really don’t want to see die just because he is such a gong show!

Can you tell us about your current and upcoming projects? What’s next for Steven Ogg?

I love the opportunity to explore all the facets of humanity – the foibles, the dark side, the light side, and definitely all that grey in the middle is what appeals to me. Every character is an opportunity to explore and find the unexpected in the expected – that is exciting.

Thanks so much for your patience and support. It really means the world to me and I apologize for taking so damn long to respond. Life is a beautiful thing and gets rather hectic sometimes. There should be lots more projects upcoming for fans to check out and I hope to continue to grow, to challenge, and to give back as much as I have been blessed to be given. Into the fire baby! Into the fire!!!

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